Coconut Oil for Hair: A User's Guide

Step 1:

Pour Coconut Oil Treatment in the palm of your hand, rub hands together to coat palms and fingers. 

Step 2:

Work through hair, focusing on the roots and scalp. Apply more as necessary for a deeper treatment. Leave in for at least 1 hour. Safe to leave in overnight. 

Step 3:

Rinse and remove any excess oil with Coconut Oil Shampoo. Follow with Coconut Oil Conditioner for added moisture. 

 Tips & Tricks

Use Coconut Oil Treatment daily to replace conditioner or weekly as a deep conditioning treatment.

When wearing coconut oil in hair overnight, wrap a soft scarf around hair to avoid getting oil on the pillow, although coconut oil is noncomedogenic!

Experiment with different amounts. When hair is thirsty during the summer and winter months, apply a second coat.  Apply less when hair is nourished.

You can also use coconut oil to tame frizz! Pour a tiny amount onto the tip of your finger and gently massage into hair to tame flyaways.